Step into liquid. We have the following swim facilities:

    INDOOR pool is 25 meters long.
    JACUZZI is in pool area.
    WADING pool is outside.
    OUTDOOR pool is 20 meters long & surrounded by a SUN DECK.

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    Steve Clark


    Mt. TamSwim News, Workouts & Tips

    Did You Know?

    The outdoor pool will open in April. It is dependent on our outdoor night temperatures.
    Our masters swim group has grown! Starting in April when the outdoor pool opens, Lane 5 will no longer be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-10:30 during masters swim workout.

    Exercise a Must

    Don’t forget to exercise. We have added a Tuesday masters light swim workout from 10:30-11:30 Come try it! 


    Our pools are not life guarded. Please accompany your children when they are swimming, even if you think they are good swimmers. Children need supervision. This means that if you have your children in the pool, you must be either with them or watching them, not swimming laps on your own.

    Swim Workouts

    Warm up:
    300 swim mix strokes 
    4 x 50 kick descend 1-4  r=20
    3 x 100 at 1500m race pace  r=15
    ez 100, not free
    500 build to 1500m race pace  r=20
    2 x 250 at 1500m race pace    r=20
    5 x 100 odds=build to 1500m  race pace 
            evens =3-5 seconds  faster thnt 1500m race pace   r=20
    ez 100
    4 x 50 kick as above  r=20
    16 x 25 pull  odds= 1 breath per length  r=10
            evens= 3 breaths per length  r=10
    ez  100

    300 free + 200 not free
    6 x 50 swim  Count your strokes on the first 50.  Keep the same stroke count and get faster each 50.  r=15-20
    5 x 200  swim    #1=  build to 1500m race pace   r=20
                                 #2-4 at 1500m race pace  r=20
                                 #5= AFAP 
    ez 100, not free
    5 x 100 kick   Build each 100 to fast.  All flutter front or back  r=20
    6 x 50 not free  r=15
    Cool Down-200m choice of drills

    Mt. TamSwim Lesson Fees



    $ 90

    4/20 min lessons


    4/30 min lessons

    $ 35

    1/30 min lesson

    $ 50

    1/45 min lessons

    Semi Private

    $ 65

    4/20 min lessons

    $ 85

    4/30 min lessons

    Non - Member


    $ 100

    4/20 min lessons

    $ 155

    4/30 min lessons

    $ 40

    1/30 min lesson

    $ 60

    1/45 min lessons

    Semi Private

    $ 75

    4/20 min lessons

    $ 95

    4/30 min lessons


    Group Lessons & swim clinics prices vary; please check with instructor.

    Mt. TamKids Swim Clinics

    Ages 6-18 years

    The clinic is a good way to warm up for swim team. All levels meet two times a week All groups are made according to clinic sign ups and will determine the schedule. Lessons are 30 minutes unless otherwise noted. Session starts October 24- December 12





    Beginner Dolphins

    Working on freestyle/ side breathing & able to swim 1/2 length & other strokes

    3:30 pm

    Teen Swim Group

    Get a good work out (45 minutes)and refine stroke technique. Swimmer should be able to swim all 4 strokes. The group will swim about 1500 meters per workout.

    5:00 pm

    Intermediate Dolphins

    working on maintaining good form for 25 meters of freestyle. Able to swim all other strokes.

    4:00 & 4:40




    Prices for 6 Week Session 12 classes

    30 mins 2x week





    Prices for 6 Week Session 12 classes

    45 mins 2x week




    $ 335


    Sign up questions? Contact tishborden@gmail.com

    Mt. TamSwim Rules

    Water + Kids = Fun + Responsibility
    When is an unsupervised child safe in the water?

    The only answer is, no matter how experienced a swimmer, NEVER!
    We often see parents and babysitters, sitting by the pool chatting with friends, reading a book, or maybe even dozing, while their young children are playing in the pool unsupervised. Many days, we find children in the hot tub or indoor pool and soon find out the parent is in the Cafe or by the outdoor pool or even in the gym working out.Maybe, when our children learn to swim, we become lackadaisical that nothing will happen. Unfortunately things do happen. A child lets go of a noodle or kick board, hits their head when trying to surf a kick board, or runs and falls…
    No one can do the job of watching your child in the water, not even the lifeguard.  It is your job as a parent to keep your children safe. Take time at the beginning of the season to review water rules for the ocean, rivers and pools. And watch…Turn your head for an instant and another child holds your child underwater as if they are playing in the living room. Or go in to grab a towel and your child is jumping in on someone else, injuring both the jumper and the person in the water. While you chat with friends or read a good book basking in the sun, do you have a false sense of security? We’ve all heard the statistics. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children under the age of five in the United States.

    Always let the person already in the lane know that you wish to share the lane.

    Lane 1 is narrow and can only be used by a single swimmer.

    Swim Fins are permitted as long as you are the sole swimmer in the lane, if you enter a lane that is being used by someone wearing fins, you do so at your own risk...or wait for them to finish their program.

    Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parents at all times.

    Lane 5 (nearest to the jacuzzi) is for children to play in and for swim lessons only.

    Be sure that your children do not wander into the lap lanes or hang on to the lane lines.

    Kickboards are reserved for lap swimmers...they are not for recreational play.

    Children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the jacuzzi.

    No running or ball playing allowed. Please shower before entering the pool or jacuzzi.