Step into liquid. We have the following swim facilities:

    INDOOR pool is 25 meters long .
    JACUZZI is in pool area
    WADING pool is outside
    OUTDOOR pool is 20 meters long & surrounded by a SUN DECK

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    Steve Clark

    Mt. TamSwim News, Workouts & Tips

    Private Swim Lessons

    Private swim lessons will be offered starting June 14th 2021. Lessons will take place in the afternoon Monday - Friday. All lessons will be instructed from the pool deck. Children must be able to swim 1/2 a length of the pool or an adult from the same house hold must accompany them in the water. For more information please contact aquatics@mttamrc.com.

    Exercise a Must

    Don’t forget to exercise. There is swimming now available to members. Please book a lane online through my club lives. Reservations are due the prior Tuesday and are posted that Wednesday.


    Our pools do not have a life guard. Please accompany your children when they are swimming, even if you think they are good swimmers. Children need supervision. This means that if you have your children in the pool, you must be either with them or watching them, not swimming laps on your own.

    Swim Workouts

    Warm up:
    300 swim mix strokes 
    4 x 50 kick descend 1-4  r=20
    3 x 100 at 1500m race pace  r=15
    ez 100, not free
    500 build to 1500m race pace  r=20
    2 x 250 at 1500m race pace    r=20
    5 x 100 odds=build to 1500m  race pace 
            evens =3-5 seconds  faster thnt 1500m race pace   r=20
    ez 100
    4 x 50 kick as above  r=20
    16 x 25 pull  odds= 1 breath per length  r=10
            evens= 3 breaths per length  r=10
    ez  100

    300 free + 200 not free
    6 x 50 swim  Count your strokes on the first 50.  Keep the same stroke count and get faster each 50.  r=15-20
    5 x 200  swim    #1=  build to 1500m race pace   r=20
                                 #2-4 at 1500m race pace  r=20
                                 #5= AFAP 
    ez 100, not free
    5 x 100 kick   Build each 100 to fast.  All flutter front or back  r=20
    6 x 50 not free  r=15
    Cool Down-200m choice of drills

    Mt. TamSwim Lesson Fees




    1/30 min lesson


    4/30 min lessons

    $ 60

    1/45 min lesson

    $ 85

    1/60 min lessons


    Group Lessons & Swim Clinics prices vary with length of session; please check with instructor!

    Non - Member



    1/30 min lesson

    $ 220

    4/30 min lessons

    $ 85

    1/45 min lesson

    $ 110

    1/60 min lessons


    Group Lessons & Swim Clinics prices vary with length of session; please check with instructor!

    Mt. TamKids Swim Lessons





    Sessions 1,2 and 3

    Private lessons start on June 14th 2021 and are on going for 3 weeks Monday -Friday. All Group Lessons are canceled due to Covid 19. 6 weeks of private swim lessons will be offered this summer instead of groups. Please look at the Mt Tam summer swim program for information. If you child is a non swimmer, an adult of the same household must accompany them in the water.

    Private lessons

    Session 4,5,6

    Starting July 19th 2021, 3 more weeks of lessons will be on going Monday-Friday. All Group Lessons are canceled due to Covid 19. 6 weeks of private swim lessons will be offered this summer instead of groups. Please look at the Mt Tam summer swim program for information. If you child is a non swimmer, an adult of the same household must accompany them in the water.

    Private lessons



    Mt. TamSummer Swim Program

    Ages 4-104 years young

    JUNE- FULL No Waitlist Space







    JULY-FULL No Waitlist Space







    AUGUST-FULL No Waitlist Space




      • Payment

        Private lessons only as of now due to COVID 19 restrictions.
        $190- Five lessons Members
        $250- Five lessons Non members
        Ages 4+ to 104!

        If you are a member your lessons can go onto your account. For non members please make your checks out to Mt Tam Racquet Club
        Cancellation Policy
        Advance payment required
        If you or your child feels ill, has a cough or fever please stay home and email aquatics@mttamrc.com
        There are no make-ups lessons for our Summer Swim program so pick a week you can come everyday

        To our swimmers & parents of swimmers;
        Enjoy your lessons at Mt. Tam Racquet Club!
        For the safety and enjoyment of all who use our facilities, please observe our pool Rules:

        Please wear a mask on the pool deck and anywhere on the club premises at all times.
        Please shower at home before entering the pool
        No towels, showers or extra swimming will be available due to COVID restrictions
        Mt. Tam is a private club. Non–members are not permitted to use our facility before or after swim lessons.

      • Our Program

        For Group Lessons : all group lessons are canceled due to covid, we are offering privates only.
        Classes for children 4 & up & limited to 3 children per Instructor & swimmers are grouped according to ability & age.
        Level 1 is for children who are not yet comfortable with water.
        Level 2 put their faces in water & move but are still working on taking breath, floating on their backs & start to learn elementary backstroke & breaststroke.
        Level 3 are working on basics of 4 strokes with most of the focus on freestyle. They swim 1/2 length with some stroke technique
        Level 4 work on all 4 competitive strokes & turns. Good fit for more experienced swimmers.
        Our program emphasizes stroke technique as well as water safety. Classes are mostly taught in outdoor pool except for level 3 and 4 who swim in 25 meter indoor pool.

        As of now our group lessons are on hold and privates are offered

      • Instructors

        Our instructors, all have many years of experience teaching children & are all avid swimmers themselves. They hold various certifications such as American Red Cross WSI , AEA, CPR, or are USA swimming members.  Each teacher is committed to teaching your child more about swimming.

      Mt. TamParent | Child

      Ages 6-36 months old

      June- To be announced

      July- To be announced

      August- To be announced


        • Payment

          4/30 minute parent|child classes
          $70 Member $90 Non-members

          All Classes are held in our outdoor pool

          Checks made payable to: Mt Tam Racquet Club

          To sign up for parent|child classes please call 924-6226X104
          Or email aquatics@mttamrc.com

          Advanced payment required.

        • Description

          Sign up starting May 1st

          A class for children 6 months thru 3 years old. Teaches parents how to teach their children pre-swimming skills and safety.

        Mt. TamSwim Rules

        Water + Kids = Fun + Responsibility
        When is an unsupervised child safe in the water?

        The only answer is, no matter how experienced a swimmer, NEVER!
        We often see parents and babysitters, sitting by the pool chatting with friends, reading a book, or maybe even dozing, while their young children are playing in the pool unsupervised. Many days, we find children in the hot tub or indoor pool and soon find out the parent is in the Cafe or by the outdoor pool or even in the gym working out.Maybe, when our children learn to swim, we become lackadaisical that nothing will happen. Unfortunately things do happen. A child lets go of a noodle or kick board, hits their head when trying to surf a kick board, or runs and falls…
        No one can do the job of watching your child in the water, not even the lifeguard.  It is your job as a parent to keep your children safe. Take time at the beginning of the season to review water rules for the ocean, rivers and pools. And watch…Turn your head for an instant and another child holds your child underwater as if they are playing in the living room. Or go in to grab a towel and your child is jumping in on someone else, injuring both the jumper and the person in the water. While you chat with friends or read a good book basking in the sun, do you have a false sense of security? We’ve all heard the statistics. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children under the age of five in the United States.

        Always let the person already in the lane know that you wish to share the lane.

        Lane 1 is narrow and can only be used by a single swimmer.

        Swim Fins are permitted as long as you are the sole swimmer in the lane, if you enter a lane that is being used by someone wearing fins, you do so at your own risk...or wait for them to finish their program.

        Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parents at all times.

        Lane 5 (nearest to the jacuzzi) is for children to play in and for swim lessons only.

        Be sure that your children do not wander into the lap lanes or hang on to the lane lines.

        Kickboards are reserved for lap swimmers...they are not for recreational play.

        Children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the jacuzzi.

        No running or ball playing allowed. Please shower before entering the pool or jacuzzi.